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Jun 17

Written by: Terry Cox
6/17/2008 12:41 AM 

Every week I i pull up SQL on one of my hobby websites, and run the same set of statements to clear the spam from my comments and ratings sections of my pages....

delete * from comments where comment like '%http%'

Today I ran the script, and came back a half hour later to find over 20 new comments attempting (and failing) to create links to the Paxil, Viagra and Porn sites.  Yeah, I know I could spend 5-10 hours decompiling the DotNetNuke feedback module I'm using and adding some sort of filter, but what a waste of my time.

Of course, on the flip side, even though the spammers haven't been able to get a link in there to render, I did a search for Google and the link weight my site has for some naughty words, strictly due to spammers attempts, is pretty hefty.  I don't want Google to associate my site with that crap.  The only way for me to seemingly control it, is to require that people register on the site first.  Doesn't this kind of slow the overall growth of the social web 2.0?  (Yes, I also know I could add one of those picture letter things.  Again, don't feel like totally reimplementing the ratings module I'm using just yet)

So the latest fad seems to be using YouTube to try to pass PageRank around.  Here is an obvious automated Spambot attempt I found on my comments today:


This program tries three different ways to auto-post links, using standard HTML and common forum and blog commenting formats.  What was interesting was that they were all pointed at YouTube.

I wonder if they have automated bots out there for creating YouTube accounts as well.  Seems like Google would have the technology to flag any accounts that have this type of setup.  Each of the links in the original spam post on my site was to a unique YouTube account.  Obviously the spammer is counting on the little link at the bottom of the YouTube profile passing some link love.

Oh well, I'll just waste some of my life and money shoring up my site, while also making honest users lives a little harder.

Seriously, who wins here?


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Re: Rant: Are Spam Bots Holding Back Social Growth?

I don't know, if you have a blog that doesn't have some kind of automated filtering of spam, then I think you're working too hard. My Typepad blogs all have whatever they are running that Movable Type put together, and every Wordpress blog comes with Akismet.

Comment spam filtering is part of the ante for writing blogging code.

By Edward Vielmetti on   11/12/2008 2:00 AM

Re: Rant: Are Spam Bots Holding Back Social Growth?

Yeah, I've just always been a Microsoft developer and use platforms based on .NET since they are easy for me to update. Maybe it's time I look at other content management systems.

By host on   11/12/2008 2:01 AM

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