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Author: Terry Cox Created: 6/6/2008 11:27 PM
This is a place for me to occasionally rant and rave about new developments in search, or maybe even share some wisdom.

Ever wondered what the question marks and ampersands are for that you see in many URL’s?  The fact is they can serve a lot of uses, and can also cause a lot of SEO headaches if not considered as part of your search engine optimization auditing.

A web address is the location of a physical page on the web.  The following is the web address to the Google Finance page.  http://www.google.com/finance

If a question mark (?) exists in a URL, then...

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I wanted to find a way to display Google Adsense ads for the search results on one of my DotNetNuke driven sites.  I got it to work at Celebrity Couples Online.  I'm sure there is a more professional method, but here were the steps I took.  This method is pretty safe.

Create a new page on your site that is hidden (I called mine GSearch), add a text module to the page, and paste the code that Google provides for search results into that text module using the source input option.  This will become your search results page.  Now you just need to modify your Skin files to pass over the details in the parameter that the Google code needs to see....

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Going to change the URL structure of your entire website, but scared about losing your search engine rankings?  It's a common issue that I've seen impact both the largest and smallest corporations.  Here are some common exchanges with site owners or web developers as how to approach it without losing the weight your old URL's have accrued over time.

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One challenge that large paid search advertisers inevitably face, especially when they aren’t the same group that builds the website that the traffic is ultimately being driven to, is keeping up with landing page URL's.  If the website owners move or remove a web page that you are paying to drive people to without telling anyone, it can lead to missed opportunity, extra costs and a terrible online experience for your potential customers.  Unfortunately, despite all the technology that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have, they don't make it easy to pinpoint when this is occurring.

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Every week I i pull up SQL on one of my hobby websites, and run the same set of statements to clear the spam from my comments and ratings sections of my pages....

delete * from comments where comment like '%http%'

Today I ran the script, and came back a half hour later to find over 20 new comments attempting (and failing) to create links to the Paxil, Viagra and Porn sites.  Yeah, I know I could spend 5-10 hours decompiling the DotNetNuke feedback module I'm using and adding some sort...

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Recognizing in advance that this post has a pretty niche audience, this is one of those annoying things that took some playing around with to make work right.

With most purchased DotNetNuke skins, there isn't an easy way to take a container and make an H1 tag out of the title. This is something that I wish the skin developers would include by default. Here is how I have done it so that search engines can see the emphasized text.

First, pick one of your existing containers that you want...

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David Cook, the winner of American Idol, recently announced that he was going to Walt Disney World in an effort to help promote the American Idol Experience attraction opening in Hollywood Studios.  Well now you can join him… virtually.

Walt Disney World has just made it easier for visitors to plan their visits in advance by releasing its Orlando theme parks in full 3D within Google...

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If you work for a company that is lucky enough to have your Paid Search marketing tactics under the same roof as your Natural Search Optimization, then you probably know that there are some incredible synergies between the two mediums.  For some keywords, it makes sense to lower or cancel your paid search spend when your preferred landing page rises in natural search rankings.  This is especially true if paid search competition is light.

So why do so many companies continue to buy their brand...

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